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   MONACO NORTHWEST                                                                 

  • Region: Northwest U.S. and Southwestern and middle parts of Canada
  • Membership Requirements: All owners of Monaco motorized brand models manufactured by or acquired by Monaco RV LLC, Executive Industries are eligible to join.
  • Contact: Cindy Hayes , Secretary/Treasurer; (503) 819-8323; 
  • Dues: New Applications $40/Renewal Dues $20.00/Send checks payable to Monaco Northwest, Jan. 1    

   ROYALE COACH CLUB                                                                  

  • Region: All U.S. and Canadian residents are welcome to join. International.
  • Contact: Anne Gould, 663 Bigelow Hill Rd., Skowhegan, ME 09476; (207) 431-2293;
  • Membership Requirements: Ownership of a Royale Coach and membership in FMCA
  • Dues: $55 for Badges & 3 years dues, $30 January 1 every 3 years.
  • Website:

   MONACO WAN-NA-GOS                                                                

  • Region: Focusing on the eight state, south central region of the U.S.; residents of all states are welcome to join
  • Contact: Janelle Burch  4478 Country Club Road, Denton, TX 76210; (940) 391-3151; 
  • Membership Requirements: FMCA members who own a Monaco or Executive Industries motor coach.
  • Dues: Initiation $30/Dues $25/Total $55. Please return the pullout membership application with a check made payable to Monaco Wan-Na-Go’s
  • Website:

   MONACOS IN MOTION                                                                   

  • Region: International in scope. All U.S. and Canadian residents are welcome to join. A caravan club “Led by Members for Members.”
  • Contact: Wilt Greenwood, 229 Rainbow Drive #12936, Livingston, TX 77399-2029; (804) 337-7733;
  • Membership Requirements: FMCA and Monaco International membership and ownership of any Monaco brand coach manufactured by Monaco Coach Corporation or Monaco RV,LLC, including Beaver, Holiday Rambler and Safari Coaches, Royale Coach, and all Monaco coaches manufactured prior to 1982.
  • Dues: Initiation $25/ Dues $15/ Total $40. 
  • Website:

   MONACO NORTH CENTRAL                                                         

  • Region: Located primarily in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota.
  • Contact: President: Joan Davis (816) 578-5453,
  • Secretary, Barb Fey, (715) 832-0430;
  • Membership Requirements: FMCA membership and the following models of Monaco Coaches: Signature Series, Executive, Dynasty, Windsor, Camelot or Diplomat, Beaver, Holiday Rambler, & Safari.
  • Dues: $35.00 the first year and $15.00 each year thereafter.
  • Website:

   ROCKY MOUNTAIN MONACOS                                                     

  • Region: Rocky Mountain Area, which consists of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming but welcome new members from everywhere.
  • Contact: Howard Dietmeyer, 4961 Vincitor St., Las Vegas, NV 89135; (702) 466-6378;
  • Membership Requirements: FMCA membership and ownership of a Monaco Coach that meets the criteria as defined in the chapter bylaws.
  • Dues: Initiation fee $10.00 per person/Annual dues $10.00 per person for a total of $20.00 per person for the first year.

   MONACO TRAVELERS AND FRIENDS                                         

  • Region: Monaco Travelers is based primarily east of the Mississippi, but welcomes new members from any state.
  • Contact: Peg Farmer 3401 Habersham Club Dr. Cumming GA 30041; (727) 424-6392;
  • Membership Requirements: To join, you must be a member of FMCA and must own or have a one third interest in any brand of motorized coach.
  • Dues: Initiation Fee $20/Dues $15/Total for new members $35/Renewal dues $15. 

   MONACO  INTERNATIONAL                                                          

  • Region: Throughout North America.
  • Contact: President Dick Strzyzewski  W 264-S 7580 Mt. Whitney Avenue, Waukesha, WI 53189      
    (262) 442-2874;
  • Membership Requirements: Membership in FMCA, and ownership of any Monaco, Holiday Rambler, Beaver, Safari or McKenzie Coach.
  • Dues: $25 Enrollment/$15 annual.
  • Website:

   NE EXPLORERS                                                                              

  • Region: Located in the Northeast area of the U.S. and the Eastern Provinces of Canada, however, we welcome new members from all states and provinces.
  • Contact: Karen Lindsay, 269 Sugarhill Road, Rexford, NY 12148; (518) 365-5451;
  • Membership Requirements: FMCA membership and ownership of a Monaco Coach that meets the criteria as defined in the chapter by-laws, now accepting all coach brands
  • Dues: Annual $20 (optional three years $50)/Initiation fee $1/Total for new members $21 ($51)
  • Website:

   MONACO NORCAL                                                                         

  • Region: Located in Northern California
  • Contact: Monaco NorCal, Richard L Bremer P.O. Box 1123, Belmont CA, 94002-1123; (650) 868-0838;
  • Membership Requirements: Membership in FMCA and ownership of any Monaco brand motorhome.
  • Dues: Initiation $25/Annual $10/Total $35

   MONACO ROMERS                                                                         

  • Region: Located in the Southwest, covering California, Nevada and Arizona.
  • Contact: Rob Crow 3505 El Dorado Ave North, Lake Havasu, AZ 86406; (719) 850-2753
  • Membership Requirements: Limited to FMCA members who own a Monaco Diesel model; including coaches manufactured by Executive Industries and Royale Coach; and all Monaco coaches manufactured prior to 1992.
  • Dues: Dues $10/Initiation Fee $15/Total $25
  • Website:

   MONACO AMERICA                                                                        

  • Region: The U.S. and Canada.
  • Contact: Carl "Sonny" Hodge, email:, (219) 462-8795
  • Membership Requirements: Membership for all coaches meeting FMCA’s criteria.
  • Dues: $15 annual/New Applicants $15 initiation plus first year dues.
  • Website: 

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